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Partner Betrayal Groups

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Glendora Counseling

I'm Beckie Riggs, a licensed marriage and family therapist. I focus on helping clients navigate relationships and life transitions. We can work together to bring about growth and healing by exploring the past, discussing the present and identifying hopes for the future. As you begin to move forward with new tools and insights, you can approach your relationships and life goals in purposeful, intentional ways. Whether it's by learning about your attachment style or gaining practical skills for dealing with the people in your life, therapy can unlock a new understanding of yourself and empower you to make choices that align with your goals, values and dreams. 


Glendora Counseling

 Beckie Riggs, LMFT, CCPS 

 Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

 Certified Clinical Partner Specialist

  • Individuals (18+)

  • Couples

  • Partner Betrayal Trauma Groups


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