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Betrayal Trauma
& Partner Groups

The discovery of your partner's affair, sex addiction, pornography addiction or any other problematic sexual behavior can be shocking and devastating. It can leave you feeling blindsided in a tsunami of betrayal, hurt, shame, anger or even self-blame.


Infidelity and betrayal are traumatic and painful... and not the time to be isolated and alone. Your journey to healing is important as you navigate the thoughts, feelings and decisions that lie ahead. 

I use my experience and training in working with partners of sex addicts and other problematic sexual behavior to help make sense of your experience, learn why it's not your fault, begin to set healthy boundaries and unpack your trauma. 

As a Certified Clinical Partner Specialist, I offer individual therapy and group opportunities to support partners during this complicated and painful time. 

Partner Betrayal
s in 


  • Start date TBD

  • Session 1 meets weekly in a virtual format for 10 weeks - $40 per meeting

  • Participants commit to attending and paying for the full 10-week session to secure their spot in the group. 

C O N N E C T   W I T H   B E C K I E

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